“You are here for the experience of joyful expansion."
― Esther Hicks

About Anita

At a young age, I was introduced to yoga exercises and general yogic philosophy. As a teenager, I attended classes of meditation for a long period of time. These classes included a positive philosophy for living, my health improved significantly, I became more confident and outgoing, more intuitive and in particular, noticed a feeling of being looked after by a higher force. I particularly loved the ideas which were expressed to me in those classes, such as our natural state is one of well being, the universe looks after all our wants if we just allow it to happen and the importance of staying in the present moment.

Drawn to learning more about how the mind works I undertook to study for a degree in psychology and philosophy part time. In my final year, I did my thesis on the relationship between people's positive/negative attitudes and their health. Having a desire to help people in a practical positive way, I then studied for a diploma in life coaching. Subsequently the opportunity to run coaching classes arose, which led to a huge sense of achievement from seeing students make real and positive changes in their lives and being a lot happier as a result. It reinforced my previously held beliefs that we can all make positive and real changes in our lives if we are ready, willing to be open to it.

By a strange twist of fate shortly after, (the law of attraction in action I think!) I was introduced to the book "You can Heal your Life" by Louise L. Hay. It inspired me greatly and provided a lot of the answers to my questions surrounding the link between our mind and our reality, and reminded me of the power of affirmations. It also introduced me to the metaphysical causes of ill health and the belief that loving ourselves more can create miracles in our lives. In July 2005, I attended an intensive training week in Birmingham to lead workshops based on Louise Hay's philosophy, which was an incredible experience.

Being able to share all of this wisdom with as many people as possible so that they can use it in their own lives, gives me a wonderful sense of fulfilment, joy and peace and this is happily reflected throughout all of my life.

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